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1. Why can’t I enter the park on weekdays after 14.30 and on Sundays after 13.30?
The park closes at 16.00 hrs on weekdays and at 15.00 hrs on Sundays. Driving the car routes in the park take more time than the amount left till the park’s closing hours. It often happened in the recent past that visitors stayed in the park well after closing hours, making it obligatory for personnel to stay in the park long after working hours and causing fauna disturbance. Now we work with the schedules mentioned in the question and also patrol before closing to escort visitors out of the park. 

2. How can I apply for the local entrance fee?
Only by showing a valid local indentity card (sedula) or drivers license can visitors apply for the local entrance fee. Interns showing a signed contract with a local company can also apply for the local fee. If visitors can not show a valid ID card, drivers license or intern contract, tourist fees apply.

3. How can I book a Safari trip or other tour in the park?
Call the activities department at 864-0363/864-0170/ 540-3604 to make reservations for safari trips and other tours.

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