Car Routes

Car Routes

For those who rather visit the park by car, there are four different routes to take. The roads have been virtually fully asphalted in 2004, which makes for easy driving.

_____Savonet Plantation & North coast: 9 km (5.6 miles) – 45 minutes

Drive through the northern section of the park, where the former fields and irrigation works were located, to Curaçao’s rugged north coast and Boka Grandi. Visit the caves with their ancient Indian drawings and the interesting rock formation nearby.

_____Mountain Route: 12 km (7.5 miles) – 1,5 hour

The first stop is at the ruins of Landhouse Zorgvlied. Enjoy the vast panoramas overlooking Christoffel Park, Shete Boka Park, Landhouse Kenepa and an old manganese mine.

_____Mountain Route short cut: 7,5 km (4.6 miles) – 3 hour drive and climb

Drive directly to the foot of Mount Christoffel. Park at the bottom and climb the trail through natural, semiarid landscape to the top for the most scenic view on Curaçao. The climb takes about 2 hours and leads past the spring of Pos Shimaron.

_____The orchid Trail: 5 km (3 miles) – 15 minutes

(closed to cars but accessible in pickup safaris on special request)

Pass scenic panoramas on this route, which leads to the challenging Orchid Hiking Trail in ‘Shete Seru’ (seven mountains), or choose for the easier Santa Cruz Rooi Trail. There are four species of orchids in the park. The white orchid Brassavola nodosa and the pink orchid Schomburgkia humboldti are the most common.

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