Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services


  • Restrooms for ladies and gentlemen
  • Restrooms for users of wheelchairs
  • special restroom to change babies


  • Locally produced souvenirs like t-shirts, artwork, jewelry etc
  • Postcards
  • Books on a variety of local nature/culture related items
  • Local aloe products from the Curaloe farm including soft drink, shampoo, soaps, body lotions, sunscreen and much more.
  • Green products from local Green Island Company including soaps, massage oils, insect repellents and much more.

Outdoor Center

  • Safari trips
  • Guided hiking
  • Camping
  • Guided tours
  • Guides
  • Much more


  • Cold and hot drinks
  • Local favorite drinks
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Local dishes and snacks


  • Pickup safari’s
  • Sunset en sunrise safari’s
  • Camping
  • Deer Spotting Sunset Tours
  • Bird Watching tours
  • Full Moon walks
  • Animal presentations
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