Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations are applicable for everyone entering the park:

Entrance fees and procedures

  • Entrance to the park is at your own risk
  • Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays: 6am – 3pm
  • The ticket sales counter and entrance to the park and/ or museum closes at 13.30 hr!
  • Start climbing the mountain after 10.00 AM is not allowed!
  • Interns working on the island get a discount when showing a contract from “Wereldstage” or company contract
  • It is prohibited to enter the park with dogs/cats
  • Motorcycles, buggies and large buses are not permitted in the park

Car routes and hiking trails

  • Visitors may not deviate from designated car routes or hiking trails.
  • Maximum velocity in the park is 25km/hour.
  • Hiking trails cross car routes on several locations. Hikers get preference on the road.


  • Taking animals, plants, rocks, artifacts or any other natural or cultural item is strictly forbidden.
  • No non-native animals or plants may be introduced in the park.
  • Wildlife must always get preference on the road.

Other regulations

  • The use of fire in the park is prohibited without supervision of a park ranger.
  • It is not allowed to throw thrash, including organic materials, in the park.
  • Park rangers may search your car to make sure no items are taken from the park.
  • Camping may only take place on designated areas.
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