Deer Spotting

Deer Spotting

The elusive white-tailed deer can be seen more often in the early mornings of late afternoons, after the rays of the sun lost their power. The park has two variations of deer spotting trips, one by land cruiser, and one hiking.


Deer Spotting Sunset Tour

We’ll take you to the Northern side of the park in our land cruiser and attempt to spot the White-tailed deer and other animals during the trip, by visiting the deer watching tower and looking for other strategic points to scan the surroundings. Sunset gives the park a etheric glow making sure the trip is an unforgettable experience.

  • Price:  US$25 for adults, US$10 for kids. Special prices apply for locals with an ID card
  • Schedule:  Every Thursday and on request
  • Group size:   Minimum of 4 persons and maximum of 10.
  • Reservations: Yes

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