It is important in our conservation efforts in the park to manage the existing wells and water holes in the park to our best efforts.

These are important to the survival of not only birds but also mammals like the endemic white-tailed deer and bats which can be seen flying over water holes and taking a drink, and reptiles like lizards, iguana’s and snakes which can often been seen “swimming” in these pools to cool off.

An example of a very successful water hole is the one named Pos Monton, which is located to the south of the main entrance of the park.
This water hole contains water throughout the year and is a favorite location for spotting animals like the deer and iguana’s but also the crested caracara’s and different species of ducks.

The density of animals around this water hole is very high at the moment: you can find literary dozens of bananaquits on one location.
This of course underlines the importance of these watery places for the survival of several species. It is therefore very important to maintain the accessibility of the holes as well as the basic water quality.

We regularly patrol the holes and make sure that “polluting” trees like the Manchineel tree are removed.
The poisons in the leaves and fruits of the tree can severely damage the water quality, making the water undrinkable.

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