Research & Monitoring

Research & Monitoring

Several research project have been carried out in the park over the years, varying from vegetation mapping to bat monitoring, effects of wild domesticated cats to the local fauna and white tailed deer research. However much more work has to be done to ensure the correct management actions to protect wildlife.

Carmabi Foundation is a research institute with more than 50 years of experience in the field, both on land and under water. As such the institute provides the facilities and support for those chosing to do research at CARMABI. Doing research in Curaçao brings many benefits for the visiting scientist among which:

Faunistically interesting region

  • Insular fringing reef systems, biogeographically distinct from the rest of the Caribbean
  • Much existing baseline information

Reliable infrastructure and technology

  • Dependable power and water supply
  • Basic electronic and technical services locally available

Personal safety

  • Low on tropical diseases
  • Low hurricane risk

Western culture and legal system

Leisure and recreation

  • Historic Willemstad, duty-free shopping, restaurants and night-life, nature parks and sight-seeing

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