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Savonet Museum Curacao

Welcome to Savonet Museum Curaçao! Savonet Museum is a unique concept in the heart of the Christoffelpark. The largest nature reserve on the island harbours the buildings of the former Savonet Plantation including the formal plantation house called “landhuis”. The Museum was opened thanks to funds provided by the Dutch Government trough the so-called SEI-program.

The museum gives visitors inside information and a peak into the lives of the former inhabitants of the area, starting with the first Arowak Indians who came to the island almost 4000 years ago, and continuing into modern history. Modern audio- visual concepts, historical artefacts, faces of descendents of the former slaves, photographs, completely restored antiques and much more will give the museum the tools to tell a diverse story of interdependence between humans and nature, cultural history and natural history.

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