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Are you looking for the perfect place to go for a hike? We have beautiful hiking trails for everyone who enjoys being outside. From an easy stroll to a more adventurous hike or climb, we make sure we have well-maintained trails to enjoy.

Use the link below to get information on some points of interest in the park

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You can choose from different trails, ranging from an easy stroll to more advanced hikes: climbing Christoffel Mountain. You can do all hiking trails without a guide.
Please commence your hike early in the morning. Bring your hiking shoes and enough water; otherwise the sun will be relentless.

With the help of one of our excursion guides you will be able to explore the park with ample information on flora, fauna, geological formations and historical artifacts.
Our guides are highly experienced in spotting elusive wildlife and know a lot about the history of the park and the Savonet plantation.


choose the one that fits your needs

christoffel mountain trail - 2-3 hour hike/ climb (only before 10 AM)

A strenuous but rewarding hike and climb and a must see for anyone who visits the island! Commence your climb before 10.00 am and make sure to bring enough water (2 liters, purchasable at the ticket office) and wear sunscreen, hiking shoes and a hat. 

It is recommended to start the hike from the visitor’s center, from which it will take approximately three hours to the top. You can also drive your car to the foot of the mountain and start the hike from there, from which it will take two hours. 

The trail takes you through very different landscapes and shows a large variety of our nature. You can find bromeliads, orchids, lichens and beard moss along the trail. Although the trail is challenging, a unique and spectacular view of the island rewards you at the top.

plantation - boka grandi trail 1.5 hour

Walk through the former plantation, past a mahogany grove, wells, dams, a saliña (salt marsh) and limestone terraces to Boka Grandi. Enjoy beautiful panoramas of the Savonet manor and the surrounding hills; picnic at Boka Grandi.

zorgvlied trail - 1.5 hour

Hike to the Zorgvlied plantation to observe the plantation ruins with their panoramic view, through typical vegetation and through Roi Berú (dry riverbed or rooi). 

white tailed deer - boka grandi trail 1.5 hour

Pass through the picnic area and the deer sanctuary to the North coast and Boka Grandi. Enjoy limestone terraces and panoramas of the Savonet manor.

white tailed deer - yellow trail - 20 minutes

Are you looking for a shorter trail? Use the first shortcut available at this trail for a relaxed 20-minute hike: A short, shaded walk through the Curacao White Tail Deer sanctuary with a stop at the Dos Pos (“two wells”) picnic area.

white tailed deer - green trail - 40 minutes

The second shortcut on this trail offers you an easy hike with a picnic area. You will pass ‘Dos Pos’ (“two wells”), the deer observation tower within the deer sanctuary and a part of the former irrigation works.

scenic car routes

Do you want to experience the park from the comfort of your own car? We have two scenic car routes available.

These two routes, the northern route (blue) and the mountain route (green) are paved and you can drive them with any car.

Be sure to turn off your air conditioning when ascending steep parts, or better yet, keep the air conditioning off during the entire trip and experience our climate up close and personal.

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North coast hiking trails

There are four hiking trails on the north coast (savonet side) of the park. The green,  blue and yellow White Tailed Deer trails and the red Boka Grandi trail. These easy strolls are lovely to do in the early morning. Make sure to bring enough water when you visit the park.

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On the mountain side of the park you can find three stunning hiking trails. Our famous Mountain Trail, the Zorgvlied trails and the Zevenbergen Trail
(only with guide). The mountain trail is the most popular trails and a must-do when you visit Curacao. 

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scenic car

It is also possible to explore our beautiful park from the comfort of your own car. Of course we recommend everyone to go hiking in the park, we understand that if you are less able to walk around this is a fantastic way to be very close to our nature.

Want to explore the park with one of our guides?

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