— Savonet Museum—

Dive into history & discover more about our stunning nature.

A 19th century plantation house

The Savonet Museum, which is housed in a 19th century plantation house, tells you the story of the Savonet Plantation and the adjacent Savonet area.

The story begins with the first inhabitants of the area: the Arawak Indians and goes on to the slavery period, the abolishment of slavery and the independency of Curacao in 2010.

The main focus of the museum are the lives of the former slaves and later ‘workers’ of the Savonet Plantation, the lives of the owners and the interaction between these two groups.

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Savonet is one of the best-preserved plantations on the island.

The different lifestyles
You can find information on the different lifestyles of these two groups and the artifacts they used to sustain their lifestyles. Learn about the relationship between Shon (slave owners) and his workers from first hand (digital) stories of those who have lived in that time.

You will not only get to read about the history and see antique artifacts, you will also get to experience all of this history. Savonet is one of the best-preserved plantations on the island, meaning you can see and access most of the (restored) original buildings.

Exposition: Nos Naturalesa

In our newly added permanent exposition: Nos Naturalesa, which means “our nature”, you'll learn more about our local flora and fauna.

You can find information about the species that (used to) live here. It tells you about the sea turtles and other remarkable reptiles. You can find a skeleton of the Curacao white tailed deer, which is native to our island and not seen anywhere else in the world!

It also provides insight on our local and migratory birds and the plants that can be seen in the park.

Guided Museum Tour

Upon request we organize guided tours for the most comprehensive experience of the museum. 

Our guide will provide information on the historical aspects of life on the Savonet plantation; from the island's earliest settlements by the pre-ceramic Indians, to the peak of the plantation days. The guide will tell the stories behind the faces of those pictured in the museum and bring the museum to life.

The museum tour can be combined with a guided hike in the Christoffel Park.

Along the hike you will pass historical and cultural highlights. Please contact our activity center at the Christoffel Park for more information or to make a reservation.

Explore the museum with one of our guides.

Get to know the rich history of the Savonet Plantation and our nature.