The world is a playground and exploring nature is amazing!

Find your ultimate park experience!

There are many ways to explore the park at your own pace and time, but for those who want to dig a little deeper in the history, flora and fauna of the park, we recommend you to join us on one of our guided hikes or tours!

Our professional guides will take you to strategic spots in the park where you can spot local birds, animals, trees and plants. 

Guided mountain climb

 The mountain climb can also be done on your own.

If you want to get more information about the area and make sure your climb will be as safe as possible, you can climb the mountain together with one of our professional guides.

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Bird watching guided tour

Bird lovers will have a blast during this guided tour in which we take you to the areas with a high bird population and to the bird watching tower. We’ll show you a wide variation of local birds and migratory birds, which have the park as their (temporary) home. Don’t forget to bring your camera on this tour!

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Guided history tour

Savonet is one of the oldest and largest plantations on the island and offers one of the most well kept plantation complexes. The history tour takes you to some of the most amazing plantation structures such as dams and wells while explaining the effect the plantation had on the natural surroundings.

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Awesome Jeep Safari's

Exploring the park with one of our professional guides in a jeep safari is a must do when you want to get to know the nature of the park even better! Our guides have a trained eye and know a lot about the flora and fauna you can see in the park.

 Check out all the Jeep Safari's available. Multiple options!


Sun to Moon walk

The guided walk will start at Landhuis Savonet, passing through the "saliña" and continue to Boka Grandi, where you experience the magical sunset and mystical moonrise in the park.

This amazing activity will conclude with a pleasant campfire at ‘Landhuis Savonet’ at 22:00. For the latest schedule, please check out the activities calendar.


Full Moon Climb

Want to experience the magic of the Christoffel Mountain under the light of the moon and the stars? Then the Full Moon Climb is really your cup of tea! Climb the mountain under the light of the full moon!

This magical experience will be something that stays with you forever! For the schedule, please check out our activities calendar.


Pirate Walk

 6-14 years

This pirate treasure hunt in the park is fantastic for kids between 6 and 14 years of age. During the hike to Boka Grandi, several treasures can be found… 

Once arrived at the pirate beach (Boka Grandi) a hotdog and some lemonade is served to all them young lads, arr!

For the schedule, please check out our activities agenda.


Survival on the beach

An experience worth your while. Spend a night on the beach inside the park and discover the tranquility of nature by night. Our rangers will tell you about the basics of survival and make sure this is a night to remember!

Camping in the park will always be guided by one of our park rangers!

 Only available on request